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Reviews of the first edition

“the book of the course (Spring School in Colloid Science, Bristol University), is very welcome and I’m sure will be of immense benefit to those who need the basics of colloid science for their industrial or academic activities.”

“Editor Terence Cosgrove has done an excellent job in balancing the scope and length of the various contributions… The book sets its smooth, readable style with an introduction to colloidal dispersions.”
Mike Garvey, University of Liverpool, Chemistry and Industry 2006

“Each of the chapters is lucid and insightful.”
―Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2005

Colloids have been the subject of scientific investigation for over 150 years, and yet the practical applications of colloid science show no signs of abating. Common in everyday life, colloids form the basis of a wide range of consumer, industrial and high technology products, from toothpaste to fire-fighting foam. Today there is a drive to use the tools of colloid science to microscopically engineer and synthesise new materials and develop biotechnology. This presents genuinely new and exciting challenges in physics, chemistry, engineering and biology.

Based on the highly successful Bristol Colloid Centre Spring School, Colloid Science Second Edition provides a thoroughly updated introduction to the principles and practical applications of colloid and surface science.

NEW! chapters on emulsions and surface forces.

About the Author

Terence Cosgrove is Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Bristol.
Terence is a world expert in polymer chemistry and is fascinated by how polymers stick to surfaces. He is Director and Chief Scientific Officer of the Bristol University spin-out company, Revolymer. This is a polymer technology company which has patented a low adhesion chewing gum which can be removed easily from the streets. Terence developed the science behind removable chewing gum and the principle behind the technology can also be applied to many other markets and products. He is the author of over 150 papers and patents.

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